Joey Is Thankful by Joseph and Sandra Weiers

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We are Joseph and Sandra Weiers, authors of Joey is Thankful.


About our latest book, Joey is Thankful


What does it mean to be thankful? Little Joey wants to know! Most of his days start the same way: sitting on the front porch swing with Mom. Joey and his mom talk about things school, friends, and the sunrise. One day, Mom tells Joey he has a lot to be thankful for, but what's this "thankful" thing really about?


Mom explains that things we're thankful for make us happy. Lots of things make Joey happy! He remembers how happy he was getting presents on his birthday, but Mom explains there are so many other things in the world to be thankful for. Joey is Thankful is the playful story of Joey's search for those things.


Joey soon realizes he has a lot to be happy about! Just looking around his front yard, he sees birds, trees, and even his own pair of shoes. To remember all of Joey's thankful thoughts, Mom and Joey even write a "Thankful Poem." So now it's your turn: think about it! What are you thankful for?

About the Authors

Joseph Weiers is a fifth grader who transitioned to the classroom in 3rd grade after being homeschooled.  Sandra Marrongelli has two decades of classroom teaching and home tutoring experience. She is a published writer and former language arts instructor. Joseph and Sandra currently live in Atlanta, Georgia.

To contact Sandra email or call 404-895-6955